Hi! I’m Anne Walling! I love food! I love to cook! And I love to feed my family!

My ideas and views about food and cooking changed drastically during the late summer of 2019. Because of the generosity of my wonderful husband, Rob, I attended the 5 Week Summer Course at Ballymaloe Cookery School Organic Farm & Gardens. What an amazing experience.

This course at Ballymaloe gives an excellent grounding in cooking and baking. We learned about a wide range of subjects, styles, and techniques. I left the course with more than 300 recipes and an extensive repertoire with everything from the traditional and classic to the hottest trends. 

We spent time at the dairy, the greenhouses, and the bakery. We were able to explore all areas of the food industry and learn about the importance of seasonal and ethically produced food. I came home with such a different perspective on locally sourced meats and cheeses and supporting local farmers and producers. I especially learned the importance of seasonal foods and using and preserving what you have available at particular times of the year.

This perspective has changed even more since the “shelter in place” orders related to Covid-19. I feel grateful that I am able to get the available basic food stuffs and am able to cook and bake for us.

The greatest lesson I have learned is the power of cooking. People laugh over food, cry over food, mourn over food, and celebrate over food. The power of food is an amazing thing.

Darina Allen